Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UEFI to replace BIOS

The Bios, a small old chip that in every computer is the first line of code your computer processes when it powers on. It detects what system hardware is active/ available and then loads the operating system.

The problem with the BIOS chip is that it it old, outdated, and inefficient. The BIOS will soon be replaced by another technology called UEFI which is a very quick alternative that will completely eliminate slow boot times and common post errors on PC's.

All in all its just another technology just like the harddrive that has been used for many years and is being replaced with better, faster hardware.


  1. This is good, BIOS is sluggish. Good post.

  2. Nice post,didnt know that.

  3. Sounds good :D I look forward to a new generation of faster computers!