Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Apple computer? A good value or overpriced?

So for $2500 you can get a brand new Macbook pro 17" laptop with a core i7 and 4gb of ram sound like a good deal what so ever? NO! Sure the customer service is great and they will replace the laptop for "free" if it breaks under warranty but this 2.5k laptop has the hardware specifications of a $600 Windows computer, yes only $600!

That means you are paying $1900 for the customer service warranty and the classic shiny glowing apple! Granted some people adore the os I have to admit it is a very clean OS and high quality laptop but the value is non existent!

For example for $950 my neighbor just purchased an Asus laptop with the same specs as the mac but 16gb of ram vs a mere 4 and an ssd drive! If you want the mac to come with the ssd expect to pay close to 3 grand.

For those of you who don't know SSD drives are new storage devices that will replace harddrives in the future as they are 5-20x faster.

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  1. Apple, it costs for shinyness, the logo, and the color.

  2. I think its overpriced...
    Nice blog!

  3. All about the brand, soooo stupid though for $2500 elsewhere you can get one that stomps the crap out of it.

  4. Don't worth the money.

  5. does the reliability factor in here?

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  7. I think it's worth it if you don't know jack shit about computers, Apple will probably have a much longer life time than any Windows laptop without the right know how.

  8. apple is good if you do some art on it, but not if you want to blog

  9. Not good value, considering it specification. But considering it looks, and usability. Yes it's very good!

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    Although I do not know computers, it is interesting.
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  11. I think the cost vs specs is definitely true, I'm a PC person. The build quality of the Mac is quite nice though typically. I watched someone drop one of the Magnesium body MBP from back in the day on a concrete pool deck and pick it up and boot it with no troubles. I dare you to drop a plastic laptop and have it fair as well.

  12. Apple make good product
    but they are overpriced
    and you can't "pimp" your computer

    try to change your CPU/GPU
    it's finish...
    just buy a BTO computer then Download Ubuntu with Gismo for Windows lover :)

  13. It's defiantly overpriced hardware. The Mac OS is a great OS, and it makes me wonder why Apple isn't trying to sell it as well to people who want an alternative to windows but are too scared of Linux

  14. Very informative blog...thanks.

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  15. Thank you for your comment :)

    Wow... I'm impressed!
    Are U really going to high school? You know so much about computers!!

  16. I don't think any $700 Windows laptop is gonna give you the same smooth experience as a Mac book, however. Nobody buys a Mac for the specs, they buy it because it's a pleasure to use. It has the absolute best trackpad out there, great screen, very solid durability, and the fastest OS in terms of navigation. Macs also depreciate far less, so you're likely to retain a lot of your initial investment should you sell it. Plus, the cheapest Mac is like $1000, and fast as hell.